Rowing Machine Workout

Rowing Machine Workout

When you get  your rowing machine you will need to have a Rowing Machine Workout plan.  Most of the modern home rowers will come with on-board computers that have pre-programmed exercise plans but if you are not sure where to begin we have a plan you can use that is brought to you by Anna Cummins who is a pro rower for Concept 2.

Step One

First up you will want to start off with a warm-up  for 3 minutes and this will mean 16-18 strokes per minute repeating it a maximum of 3 times.

Step Two

Then for a beginner you start your main rowing sessions which is another 3 minutes and try to aim for 20-22 strokes in a minute.

Next you will do the same again but a little faster and aim for a good 5 minutes at 22-24 strokes per minute.

Then stretch and have a 1 to 5 minute break.

Then you can repeat the above up to 3 times.

That should be enough for anyone unless you are a pro of course. It is also important to make sure you have correct form – keep your wrists straight, arms out in front of you with the shoulders relaxed, hinge forward from the hips and bend knees until they are over your ankles, then push back with your legs and lean back slightly keeping shoulders relaxed.

Some believe that rowing is mostly upper body,this is not the case.  In fact it’s aprox 60% legs, 30% core, and just 10% arms.

Remember also to start off slow and listen to your body, you don’t want to overdo it!

With some practice you will notice your fitness levels go up and then you can increase the number of reps you do and the pace which you exercise at.

By the time you get to be able to do 6 sets of the above you will super fit and probably very toned!

Good Luck!