HCI Fitness Sprint Outrigger Scull Rowing Machine

HCI Fitness Sprint Outrigger Scull Rowing Machine


In this article we are looking at our next pick of home rower and this comes in as the HCI Fitness Sprint Outrigger Scull Rowing Machine – so it has one hell of name but it is a good rower? That is what we are here to find out and first we will look at the features of this rower.

 Main Features

The HCI Outrigger rowing machine gives you a high quality piston rowing machine with 12 levels of hydraulic resistance, the product is also advertised as having strong commercial grade cylinders and a trait that seems present in all of the rowers that we have reviewed this one folds up into an compact unit for storage.

With the rower you also get an LCD unit that will show you time, stroke and total strokes as well as calories burned.
An interesting aspect of the HCI rower is that there is no plastic to be seen and the equipment is made totally out of metal. The unit is also easy to put together and the seat is padded and seems firm enough when you sit on it.


One thing you should bear in mind with the rower is that the hydraulic pistons do provide a lot of resistance so even at level 1 you need a fair amount of strength to use it. Now this is great if you are looking for a strength workout and if you consider yourself strong and looking to push to the next limit then this is for you.HCI Fitness Sprint Outrigger Scull Rowing Machine
Also the pistons do get hot if you use this machine for a reasonable amount of time. The only other thing about the HCI Sprint Scull Rower is that the LCD display is quite basic. It will tell you calories, strokes and total strokes but that is it. So if you are looking for a more in depth LCD you will not find it here.


The main pros of this rower is that if you are focusing on brute strength or you find that the other rowers do not give you the resistance you need then this is the one for you.
If you are just starting out this rower may be too heavy duty.
The good part is that through the link below you will receive the best deal and fastest shipping available on the

Customer Reviews

By Minarchist:
I received my HCI Sprint Outrigger today.
Packaging was in good condition, all parts present, no damage. Good job FedEx!

Unpacking and setup was pretty easy, took about 10 minutes. Only tools required were hex wrenches, and they came in the box.
Initial reactions – fit and finish are reasonably good. Welds are solid – this isn’t an elegant piece of machinery, but it’s pretty well put together. One nice feature is a pair of locking pins that engage the rowing arms in the folded position so that they’re immobilized for transit.
Less favorable reactions – someone commented elsewhere that the soft handle grips broke up with use – I can imagine this happening pretty easily, and I also think that given some harsh use, the velcro foot straps might not last too well. Seat rollers on rowing machines typically take quite a beating. Time will tell how well the rollers hold up.
One other gripe is that the computer is pretty large – when I was using the machine, my calves were rubbing on the case. This isn’t a dealbreaker for me, I count strokes myself, and I can read the time from a clock. But if you like your gadgets, this is a consideration. Read More At Amazon.com…
By Old Bookman:
If like me you’ve rowed real sculls, even as long as 40 years ago (yeah it’s been awhile). This machine is going to bring back the memories. I’ve used over the years pretty much every type of “rowing” machine made, starting with what at the time were the most expensive in the world (belonged to a college I rowed at), all the way down to the cheapest type found in Hotel fitness rooms. For the price I think this is the best option I’ve seen. Its somewhere between something that costs more than the real thing, and something that will only annoy you. Read More AtAmazon.com

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