Best Rowing Machines

Best Rowing Machines

Now there is quite a few different brands, makes, and models of Rowing Machines.  Also the prices wow over 1000 bucks difference.  Below is a list of five of the Best Rowing Machines.  They have been chosen for different reasons so please read the whole review on each, thanks.


First we have the Concept 2 Model D.  Then even though there is  a model above this which is  the Concept 2 Model E. They are both ineradicable machines, but when we got right down to the nitty gritty, we didn’t feel it was necessary  spending the extra money unless you want the best Rowing Machine that money can buy. Or if you are using this machine for training, then Absolutely.  Go with the Concept 2 Model E.  But in our opinion the average person doesn’t need to spend the extra, but if you really want to by all means.  So yes the Model E is a better Rowing Machine it was not our First pick, and that’s why.  Click the top link to read the full Review on the model D or click the link below to go to


OK Second we have the Stamina Body Trac Glider.  Now there’s a big difference between our first pick and our second pick.  The Stamina Body Trac Glider is a solid little Machine and it is quite little its only 23.5 x 46 inches. It folds for easy storage.  The price is amazing right now its just over 100 bucks, and you still get a monitor.  Hold on there’s more it does simulate actual  rowing.  So over all the price and what you get, best bang for your buck.  There’s lots of people who  aren’t wiling to spend a grand on a rowing machine. So if your on a budget  or just wana  give this exercise a shot and don’t wana spend a bunch of cash this is the machine for you.  Click the link above to read the whole review or the link below to go to


Our third pick is the Stamina Air Rower.  So here is a few features on this Rower, It has a smooth stroke and can be made as easy or hard as you want.  Easily folds and has wheels for simple storage. Priced at around 300 its not a huge investment as some of the high end rowers are well over 1000.  Depending on what you are looking to get from this Rower will decide if its for you or not.  Most Rowers work your legs the most about 60% but that’s not how this machine is designed. The Stamina Air Rower works your arms so not a great leg workout but for upper strength and building cardio its fantastic


For our fourth choice we have the Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine.  One of the best features of this rower is the motion is the same as if you were rowing.  Normally this will cost you 500 or more.  The Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine comes in under 300 which is pretty amazing. It uses hydraulic rams that are adjustable.  And is quite small and folds for easy storage.

Now for our fifth we have chosen the  Velocity Fitness Magnetic Rower.   This is a Great Machine. This Rower has all the bells and whistles, It is super quiet, while providing a gulling workout, and will have your heart rte up to 80% in a few minutes.  The heart rate monitor is another great feature just strap it on and your good to go.  There is six pre-programmed  workouts to suit all levels.  Its mid range price wise, for a rower that is around 600.  It will suit most peoples needs. Click the link above to red the full Review or the link below, to go to